Main Benefits:
– Increase Productivity & Profit
– Improve Customer Relations
– Advanced Managed Services
– Highly Flexible & Affordable
– Data Security, Support & Service
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We Provide Solutions for a wide range of Retail Businesses:


Fashion & Apparel:
✓ Womenswear
✓ Casual wear
✓ Menswear
✓ Sportswear
✓ Childrenswear
✓ Shoes
✓ Lingerie
✓ Uniforms
✓ Swimwear
✓ Bags & Accessories
✓ Maternity
✓ Bridal stores
✓ Prom shops & events
General Merchandise:
✓ Health Food
✓ Gift Shop
✓ Beauty Supply
✓ Books & Music
✓ Bath & Bedding 
✓ Convenience
✓ Dollar Stores
✓ Furniture & Home Decor 
✓ Paint Shops
✓ Pet Foods
✓ Pharmacies
✓ Perfume Shops
✓ General Stores
✓ Toy Stores
✓ Game Stores
✓ Smoke Shops
✓ Antique Shops

✓ Electronic & Phone Shops
✓ Bike Stores & Accessories
✓ Flower Shops
✓ Battery Shops
✓ Jewelry & Watch
✓ Sports Shops
✓ Kitchenware
✓ Lighting Stores
✓ Stationery Stores
✓ Nutritional Supplements
✓ Small Department Stores
✓ Specialty Stores
✓ Farm Equipment
✓ Food Stores
✓ Restaurant Equipment
✓ Consignment Stores
✓ Mobile Stores



MultiFlex RMS is a scalable Retail Management Solution that puts you in control of your operation to increase productivity for all processes while reducing operating expenses.


MultiFlex RMS includes rich front-end POS software, plus a comprehensive back-office to help optimize balanced inventory for all stores while enabling staff to perform their tasks quickly, reliably and economically.


RMS goes beyond simple computerization, providing a modern Retail Management System featured to adapt to your business as your needs change and as your business grow, including use of RMS locally, on the cloud or – combined local and cloud based, offering complete managed services.


MultiFlex is an integrated RMS and POS retail inventory system designed for small and medium size businesses to manage their single or multi-store, multi-state, multi-country retail operations.


More than 2,700 retailers in four continents use MultiFlex to process over $900 Million in revenues per year. Currently, we are supporting retailers in North America, UK, Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

MultiFlex RMS is now being used in 16 countries and for various retailers in: Fashion, General Merchandise, Health/Nutrition stores, Giftware, book stores and many more.



MultiFlex RMS Features:


MultiFlex-POS-retail-inventory-software Control Inventory
      - Create, Optimize and Maintain a Balanced Inventory for each store
      - Manage inter-store transfers, Minimize mistakes, Reorder accurately

MultiFlex-POS-retail-inventory-software Manage Customer Relations
      - Know your customers, their interests and changing shopping trends better
      - Build highly Successful Campaigns and take advantage of Loyalty Points

MultiFlex-POS-retail-inventory-software Automate Marketing
      - Create a resourceful Database and plan effective Target Marketing
      - Directly send Emails from your system or from third party services

MultiFlex-POS-retail-inventory-software POS Functionality
      - Fully Manage all Sales, Returns, Layaways, Consignment based on Access Rights
      - Capture Customer Profiles to support Marketing and improve Customer Relations

MultiFlex-POS-retail-inventory-software Meaningful Reports
      - Various useful Reports to support all aspects of your business, such as:
      - Performance reports: Suppliers, Inventory, Customers, Sales Staff, etc.
      - Financial reports: including variations of performance and margin reports



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