Our Partners

The MultiFlex RMS program is supported by a group of certified Channel Partners and approved Technology Partners.

Channel Partners

Channel partners are industry experts, including IT consultants, Retail Business Consultants or Coaches. Typically these experts offer retailers services that compliment MultiFlex RMS software programs.

All our Channel Partners are trained, certified RMS experts who are qualified to consult with and offer a complete solution to retailers. They typically have their own client base. In some cases, retailers may engage their services to find the best possible solution for their business.

Microhouse Systems Inc through a group of Certified Channel Partners in various cities on 4 continents … offers RMS solutions that best serves the retail business environment.

These solutions are offered through the MultiFlex RMS programs – in fashion, books/music, general merchandise and health/nutrition.

If you are considering being a Channel Partner to offer the MultiFlex RMS programs, please complete the form to your right or call us at: 1-888-491-8888 x 2223 / 2224.

Alliance Technology Partners

Our technology partners are industry technical experts. They support our RMS retail clients in areas such as: Payment Processing, Hardware Equipment or API System Integration.

Microhouse Systems Inc engages technology partners to augment the services offered through the MultiFlex RMS group of programs.

Technology Partners include: HP, Dell, Lenovo, VeriFone, Mercury Payment Systems, Microsoft, QuickBooks®, Global Payment, Apple, Chase, First Data, Zebra, Epson, etc.

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If you require details on any or all our technology partners, please call us at 1-888-491-8888 or 905-470-1008.

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